National Animal Genome Research Program
Bioinformatics Coordination Program
The Structure
The Coordination Team:
James ReecyLead coordinator,
Iowa State University
Susan LamontCo-coordinator,
Iowa State University
Max RothschildCo-coordinator,
Iowa State University
Chris TuggleCo-coordinator,
Iowa State University
Fiona McCarthyCo-coordinator,
University of Arizona
The Consulting Board
Ernie Bailey Horse Genome Coordinator
University of Kentucky
Noelle Cockett Sheep Genome Coordinator
Utah State University
Mary Delaney Chicken Genome Coordinator
University of California-Davis
John Liu Aquaculture Genome Coordinator
Auburn University
Juan F Medrano Cattle Genome Coordinator
University of California, Davis
Jerry Taylor Cattle Genome Coordinator
Missorri State University
Chris Tuggle Pig Genome Coordinator
Iowa State University
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