Bioinfomatics to Implement Geneomic Selection  
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PD: Garrick, Dorian J., Iowa State University;

CO-PD: Dekkers, Jack C.M., Iowa State University

CO-PD: Fernando, Rohan L., Iowa State University;

CO-PD: Nettleton, Dan, Iowa State University;

PD: Golden, Bruce L., Cal Poly San Luis Obispo;

PD: Snelling, Warren M., U.S. Meat Animal Res. Ctr., ARS-USDA;

CO-PD: Thallman, R. Mar, U.S. Meat Animal Res. Ctr., ARS-USDA;

CO-PD: Kuehn, Larry A., U.S. Meat Animal Res. Ctr., ARS-USDA