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This is the USDA NRSP-8 Program (National Animal Genome Research Program, NAGRP) Bioinformatics Coordination Project web site. The project is supported by funding from the USDA-NRI (former CSREES) for the periods 2003-2008 and 2008-2013.

The "precursor" of this site was known to some old timers as "AnGenMap web site". It was the USDA NAGRP Pig Genome Coorination wesite (1993-1998) and the USDA NAGRP Pig and Chicken Gene Mapping Databases site (1998-2003).

This site is designed as an information center to serve the national animal genome research projects of cattle, chicken, pigs, sheep, horse, and aquaculture species. This is home to databases and web sites (being) built for structural, functional and application oriented studies of the animal genomics, to serve the purpose of research, education and related activities in the scientific, industrial and educational communities in the states and world wide.

The development and maintenance of this site are by a Bioinformatics Team at the Iowa State University. See their Mission Statement and Projects for more information.

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BioTechniques Commentary about the "AnimalGenome.ORG":

Column: WebWatch

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BioTechniques | January 2009, 46(1):15

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