Common datafile line qualifiers


Qualifiers are described in 4 sections based on frequency of use.
  • general syntax
  • The qualifiers defined on this page are
  • Occasional qualifiers include !ASMV, !ASUV, Spatial arrangement ( !COLFAC !ROWFAC ), ANOVA qualifiers ( !DDF, !DF ), graphics qualifiers ( !DISPLAY
  • Rarely used qualifiers include !BRIEF !EQORDER !LAST !OWN !PRINT !SAVE !SCREEN !STEPSIZE !TXTFORM !VCC
  • Very rarely used qualifiers include !CINV !REPORT !SCORE !TOLERANCE !VRB

    Common qualifiers

  • !CONTINUE requests that a job be run using estimates of the variance parameters obtained in a previous run and held in the .rsv file
  • !CONTRAST is used to construct a contrast among factor levels for subsequent inclusion in the model.
     !CONTRAST Nlin Nitrogen  {-3 -1 1 3}/10
  • !FCON requests ASReml report Conditional F statistics as well as the standard incremental F statistics be reported in the ANOVA table.
  • !MAXIT n sets the maximum number of REML iterations.
  • !SUBSET is used to construct a new factor having a subset of the levels of an existing factor for subsequent inclusion in the model.
     !SUBSET Rsite  site  1 3 4 8
  • !SUM requests ASReml generate an expanded set of statistics descriptive of the fields in the data file.
  • XY plots requests ASReml display plots of the data variables. Multiple plots are permitted.

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