Reading multiple files

!INCLUDE directive

ASReml can read data from multiple files provided the files have the same layout. The file specified as the data file can contain lines of the form
!INCLUDE filename [ !SKIP n ]
where filename is the (path)name of the data subfile and !SKIP n is an optional qualifier indicating that the first n lines of the subfile are to be skipped. After reading each subfile, input reverts to the primary data file. Typically, the primary data file will just contain !INCLUDE statements identifying the subfiles to include. For example, you may have data from a series of related experiments in separate data files for individual analysis. The data file for the subsequent combined analysis would then just contain a set of !INCLUDE statements to specify which experiments were being combined. If the subfiles have CSV format, they should all have it and the !CSV qualifier should be declared on the primary datafile line. This option is not available in combination with !MERGE.

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