Syntax Rules

General rules

The command file should have a filename extention .as or .asc. In the ASReml command file
  • all characters following a
  • # symbol on a line are ignored,
  • all blank lines are ignored,
  • lines beginning with
  • ! followed by a blank are copied to the .asr file as comments for the output,
  • a blank is the usual separator; TAB is also a separator,
  • maximum line length is 2000 characters,
  • a comma as the last character on the line is used to indicate that the current list is continued on the next line; a
  • comma is not needed when ASReml knows how many values to read,
  • names of predefined
  • model terms and variance structures are case sensitive; they need to be typed exactly as defined: they may not be abbreviated.
  • a qualifier is a particular letter sequence beginning with an
  • ! which sets an option or changes some aspect of ASReml;


  • some qualifiers require arguments,
  • qualifiers must appear on the correct line,
  • qualifier identifiers are not case sensitive,
  • qualifier identifiers may be truncated to 3 characters.
  • Return to start