About Network Licenses

Network licenses are managed by software running on a central license server. In order to run your application needs details of the server, so that it can request a license when starting. The server details are provided in plain text files named appname.lic, where appname is replaced by the actual application name. For example, GenStat.lic, ASReml.lic.

Although the license filename is the same as that used for an individual license its contents are quite different. The software application reads the license file and interprets it accordingly.

License File Formats

Apart from comments (prefixed by #) the file should contain only two lines, for example:
SERVER borrowdale 000817c32 6983
The server line indicates the name of the server (borrowdale) and the TCP/IP port (6983) which will be used for communication with the server.

You should not change this file unless instructed by your computing administration.

Installing Network License Keys

Usually your application will be run from a network server or pre-installed along with the license file. If you need to install this license file yourself you should normally save it to one of the following locations: Note that the standard Windows directories "Program Files" and "Common Files" may have different names according to your system language settings.

If you prefer, you can store the license file in another location, specified using an environment variable, as described for individual keys

Installing FLEXnet License Management on the License Server

Network administrators should refer to the following page for further details of installing the license management components on the license server.