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Node-specific User Support
Extra exercises (for the very keen)

On-Line Help

Node-specific User Support

EMBnet NodeUNIX command(s)Menu Command(s)Person/EMailTelephone/FAX
BioBase menu, data, pgms, auxi? Hans Ullitz-Moeller +45 89 12 28 46
Bo Mikkelsen +45 89 12 ?? ??
HGMP??; ??;??User Support+44 1223 494 520
faq+44 1223 494 512


Extra Exercises

Exercise DNA Analysis - HELP! 1: use genhelp
List all the available GCG programmes for which on-line help is available. Look at the help documentation for map.
prompt> genhelp


To get help with the Wisconsin Package, type the first few letters of any of the topics in the index list. The GCG command % genmanual (as opposed to % genhelp) will give you help that is organized like the Wisconsin Package Program Manual. Additional information available: 8.0_What's_New 8.1_What's_New Appendix_III Appendix_VI ASSEMBLE BACKTRANSLATE BESTFIT BLAST CHOPUP CIRCLES CODONFREQUENCY CODONPREFERENCE COMPARE COMPOSITION COMPRESSTEXT COMPTABLE CONSENSUS CORRESPOND CORRUPT COUNT CRYPT Database_Tables DATASET DBINDEX ... Topic? map MAP Map displays both strands of a DNA sequence with restriction sites shown above the sequence and possible protein translations shown below. Additional information available: DESCRIPTION EXAMPLE OUTPUT RELATED_PROGRAMS RESTRICTIONS SUBSET,_OVERLAP,_AND_PERFECT_SEARCHES DISPLAY_CONVENTIONS SELECTING_ENZYMES CHOOSING_THE_TRANSLATION_FRAMES OPEN_READING_FRAMES POTENTIAL_RESTRICTION_SITES SEARCH_FOR_ANY_SEQUENCE_PATTERN DEFINING_PATTERNS PRIMER_WALKING SEQUENCE_TYPE COMMAND-LINE_SUMMARY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT LOCAL_DATA_FILES OPTIONAL_PARAMETERS MAP Subtopic?

Look at three of these subtopics. You can use the unique abbreviations of the subtopic names to save typing, e.g., com for command-line_summary.


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