Radiated Hybrid data sets

CARTHAGENE can handle both haploid and diploid radiated hybrid panels data using the so-called ``equal retention model'' [LBLC95]. CARTHAGENE uses a specific boosted EM [SCBM01] algorithm for handling haploid data. This algorithm may run one or two orders of magnitude faster than a standard EM algorithm without any loss of precision. We therefore strongly recommend you to use the haploid model for all RH data and to shift to the diploid model only for final estimation of distances.

Depending of the ploidy of the model you intend to use (haploid or diploid), the first header line of the dataset should be respectively set to:

data type radiated hybrid
data type radiated hybrid diploid

The character used to encode RH data are repectively:

Thomas Schiex 2009-10-27