CARTHAGENE is a computer tool for building genetic and/or radiated hybrid maps. For those who don't know, radiation hybrid mapping is a somatic cell technique which is used for ordering markers and estimating a physical distances between them (chromosomes are broken by irradiation) expressed in centiRay (instead of centiMorgan).

The main specificity of CARTHAGENE lies in the fact that it can build maximum likelihood ``consensus'' maps for several data sets corresponding to different populations but it can naturally also handle single population mapping.

The main strengths of CARTHAGENE can be rapidly described as follows:

This document is the user guide of CARTHAGENE. It is intended for any user that would like to use CARTHAGENE. It essentially describes the textual interface of CARTHAGENE where commands are issued, the graphical interface is considered to be intuitive enough to be understandable once the textual interface is mastered.

For installing CARTHAGENE on your system, please go to CARTHAGENE's home page on the web:

Thomas Schiex 2009-10-27