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From  Tue May 30 09:07:31 2023
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From: "Woncheoul Park" <>
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Subject: Postdoctoral position, NIAS, Korea
Date: Tue, 30 May 2023 09:07:31 -0500

Dear Forum Members,

We are looking for one Post-doctoral fellow at Animal Genomics and
Bioinformatics Division, the National Institute of Animal Science,
RDA, South Korea. Those who are interested to join this position are
requested to send a brief CV to the person in charge (listed below)
by 14th June. 2023 (Eastern Timezone, UTC+9.00) 6.00 PM.

Contact For CV submission and any queries:
Dr. Woncheoul Park

Job details in brief:
Post-doctoral Researcher

Academic major & degrees:
Ph.D. in Population genetics, Quantitative Genetics or Bioinformatics.

Work Location:
Animal Genomics & Bioinformatics Division, National Institute of Animal Science,
South Korea ( The office location
is 180kms South of Seoul, in a new city.

Research Project:
1. Determination of growing performance, tissue physiology and meat quality
change in Hanwoo steers

2. Project Duration: (01/03/2020 ~ 31/12/2024)

3. Required Skill: eQTL, Gene expression, Epigenetic, population genetic or
Multi-OMICS analysis using NGS data such as SNP-chip, RNA-seq, Methylation (MBD-
seq, RRBS. WGBS) re-sequencing and metabolome. OS: Linux, R, Python or Perl etc

Possible salary:
Salary will be decided as per official rules and candidate's qualifications.
(This may vary from 1,700 to 2,600 US dollars/month; experience and good
publications will be deciding factors). Total salary includes both health and
employment insurances and a generous pension.

Application Submission deadline:
All candidates are advised to submit their application by 14th June. 2023 by 6
(Korean Time zone, UTC+9.00).

Thank you.
Dr. Woncheoul Park

Woncheoul Park, Ph.D.
Agricultural Scientist, Animal Genomics & Bioinformatics Division
National Institute of Animal Science
Rural Development Administration
Tel: +82-63-238-7317
Fax: +82-63-238-7347



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