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Subject: Fourth Report on Chicken Genes and Chromosomes
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If you are interested in anything to do with the chicken genome, I’d like to
draw your attention to the Fourth Report on Chicken Genes and Chromosomes
( which was published earlier this year. It
follows on from the first, second and third reports which have been produced
periodically since 2000 and highlights some of the latest research/resources
in the field.

The first paper in the collection is the citation for the latest reference
genomes, with other articles covering karyotype, sex chromosomes, annotation,
repeats, cell atlases, MHC, recombination, transcriptomics, biobanking and

Please have a look at this great collection of papers. My many thanks to all

Included papers are as follows:

- Multiple Chicken (Gallus gallus) Genome References to Advance Genetic
  Variation Studies
- Karyotypes and Chromosome-Level Assemblies in Chickens and Other
- Chicken as a Model for Bird Genome Alignments
- The Avian W Chromosome: Simply a Y with a Different Name?
- Recovering the “Missing” Avian Genes Using Multi-Omics Data
- Evolution of Protein-Coding and Long Noncoding Genes of the Chicken Genome
  through the Different Genome Assemblies and Their Associated Annotations
- Chicken Cell Atlas: Science and DeSci
- Standardized Chicken Gene Nomenclature to Support Functional and Comparative
- Distinct Hypothalamus and Breast Muscle Transcriptomic Response to
  Heat Stress under Newcastle Disease Virus Infection
- Chicken Repeatome
- Ribosomal DNA Repeats in Chicken and Guinea Fowl Genomes
- Endogenous Avian Leukosis Viruses: The Chicken-Specific Endogenous
- Recombination Frequency and Distribution along the Chicken Chromosomes
- The Broad-Scale Recombination Landscape of Chicken Macrochromosomes
  Inferred by in situ Mapping of Crossovers
- The BF-BL and BG Regions of the Chicken B Locus Differ in Genome Dynamics
- 600 Alleles and 240 Haplotypes Identified for the Chicken BF-BL Region
- The Chicken Genomes and Their Diversities
- Chicken Genomic Diversity Consortium: Large-Scale Genomics to Unravel the
  Origins and Adaptations of Chickens
- Biobanking and Candidate Genes for Genome Editing to Support the Tropical
  Poultry Improvement Programmes
- Application of Genomic Information in Layer Breeding Programs
- The National Avian Research Facility

Jacqueline Smith
The Roslin Institute

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