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Subject: Researcher Position in Small Ruminants
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Dear colleagues:

Research project on Small Ruminants (goats and sheep) developed in Lima,
Peru, is looking for doctoral or postdoctoral researchers to develop work in
the following lines of research:

- Reproduction.
- Food, nutrition.
- Silvopastoral systems.
- Animal health and welfare.
- Dairy and meat products.
- Genetic improvement.
- Agricultural extension and rural development.

General requirements:
- PhD in agricultural sciences, animal sciences, veterinary sciences, animal
  biology, rural development or related disciplines.
- Author or co-author of scientific publications in high-impact journals (Q1,
  Q2) in the last 4 years
- Availability to live in Peru.
- Availability to work during March-December 2024. High possibility to
  continue during 2025.

Main responsibilities:
- Full-time dedication.
- Develop and execute research proposals.
- Develop at least 02 scientific manuscripts to be published in high-impact
  journals (Q1, Q2).
- Participation in scientific events, conferences, meetings, symposiums, etc.
- Establish connections with both national and international organizations to
  collaboratively advance research in the specified field.
- Provide training on manuscript development, building researcher profiles,
  and similar topics.
- Other activities requested by the technical team.

To apply:
Please, send an email to David Godoy Padilla:
Include in the subject: Application for a doctoral or postdoctoral researcher

Application deadline: December 15, 2023.

Kind regards,

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