NRSP-8: NAGRP Pig Genome Coordination Program
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Entry Points to PiGBASE (now part of the ArkDB)
Locus Manager: Search the database for loci/ genes/ markers
( Locus List: All mapped loci/ markers in PiGBASE, sorted by chromosomes. It may take long time to fetch data.)
Map Manager: View maps: linkage map, physical map, PiGMaP, USDA-MARC map etc.
Reference Manager: Search reference by key words or authors
( Reference List: All reference works in PiGBASE, sorted by authors. )
Clone Manager: Search the database for clones
Library Manager: Search the database for libraries

ArkDB Home: Entry point for making general queries on ARK PigBase.
ArkDB Info.: About the ARK family of databases

Editors and Submitters (maintained at the primary note):

  1. PiGBASE Editor Use the editorial tools (authorised editors only). Editors should access the submission processing tools through this point rather than from the links below.
  2. Experiment Submission Submit experiment data (journal reference, experiment details, resulting map assignments). Use this system for submitting In Situ hybridisation, microsatellite, SSCP, VNTR, RFLP etc data.
  3. "ResSpecies " Generic Species Resource Database Web forms for new marker and genotype data submission to the PiGBASE. Still at the experimental stage (login required)
  4. Radiation Hybrid / Somatic Cell Hybrid Data Submission Submit hybrid mapping data. Use this system for submitting references and experiments for somatic cell hybridisation experiments, radiation hybrid mapping experiments, and related information.

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