License Details

This displays details of the license under which your software is running. The meaning of the various items listed here is explained in the following table:

Application The name of the software including its version number
Username The registered owner (Windows) or logged in user (Unix)
Organization The registered organization (Windows only)
License Type Type of license (full, student, etc.)
Registered Owner The company or person who has registered the license
Expiry Date Expiry date, or "permanent" if the license is perpetual
Version Control Support expiry code (see notes below)
Serial Number License serial number
License File Name Location of the license file


Save the license details in a text file which can be mailed to VSN Support in case of problems.

Version Control

The support expiry date is included in the license key, thus permitting its use with updates or upgrades issued subsequent to your original purchase or support renewal. The key will be valid for any new release of the software prior to the date shown.

The minimum version code required for each version of the software is as follows:

ASReml VersionVersion CodeSAMM VersionVersion Code
2.0 0606 2.0 0606

GenStat Version Release Version Code
Ninth Edition 9.1 0606
Eighth Edition SP1 8.2 0510
Eighth Edition 8.1 0502
Seventh Edition (SP1) 7.2 0407
Seventh Edition 7.1 0312
Sixth Edition (SP1) 6.2 0303
Sixth Edition 6.1 0206
Fifth Edition (SP1/2) 4.21/4.22 0104
Fifth Edition 4.2 0101

GenStat versions 4.2 - 7.1 need a small upgrade to enable them to run with FLEXlm license keys issued by VSN International. Please see Upgrading Existing Licenses for full details.

Updates and Patches

From time to time software patches or service packs will be made available via the VSNi website. These will include an increment to the version code, updating it to the month and year in which the update is formed. Thus, users who maintain support for the software will have continual access to updates.

Minimum version codes will be indicated on the download pages and it is the responsibility of the user to ensure they are entitled to the update before installing. If their license key does not permit use of the update they will be unable to run the software and will have to reinstall an earlier version.