Upgrading Existing Licenses

License issued for ASReml v1 or SAMM v1 cannot be used with later versions of the software. GenStat licenses prior to version 8.1 are not suitable for 8.1 or later, except under the following circumstances:
  1. The license is supplied in a file named genstat.glz
  2. The file contains a FEATURE line for product GenStat and vendor VSN (not GENSTAT_5 and NAG), or
  3. The file contains a SERVER and USE_SERVER lines for a network server that has had it's license file updated to use the VSN daemon
If case 2 holds, the license is for an individual installation. Check that the support code (e.g. 0507) is valid for your new version of GenStat (see Version Control) then copy the file to GenStat.lic and follow the instructions for an Individual License Installation

If case 3 holds, copy GenStat.glz to GenStat.lic and copy to the application Bin folder.