Multiple Analyses and Command Line Arguments


Typically, ASReml performs one analysis each time it is invoked. The !RENAME qualifier ( R option) associated with !ARG arguments and probably !DOPATH, allows multiple analyses to be performed in a single run.

O ( !ONERUN) is used with the R option to make ASReml perform a single analysis when the R option would otherwise attempt multiple analyses. The R option then builds some arguments into the output file name while other arguments are not. For example
     ASReml -nor2 mabphen 2 TWT out(621) out(929)
results in one run with output files mabphen2TT.*.

R[r] ( !RENAME [r]) is used in conjunction with at least r argument(s) and does two things: it modifies the output filename to include the first r arguments so the output is identified by these arguments, and, if there are more than r arguments, the job is rerun moving the extra arguments up to position r (unless !ONERUN ( O) is also set). If r is not specified, it is taken as 1.

For example
     ASReml -r2 job wwt gfw fd fat      is equivalent to running three jobs:

     ASReml -r2 job wwt gfw      writes jobwwtgw.asr

     ASReml -r2 job wwt fd      writes jobwwtf.asr

     ASReml -r2 job wwt fat      writes jobwwtft.asr


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