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Installation and Licensing

ASReml is available on three main platforms: Windows, Linux and Solaris.


ASReml is designed specifically for fitting linear mixed models. These help screens are intended for use as a reference for the syntax. There is important fundamental information in the ASReml User Guide which new users should review.

Experienced users might like to check out what's new.

Lookup the syntax

  • Command line
  • Job control line

  • Rules for writing the job file

  • Getting started, the Title line

  • Factor Definition and Transformations (modify the data as it is read)

  • Pedigree and GIV files

  • Data file
  • qualifiers controlling data input
  • Major qualifiers for controlling the analysis
  • Minor qualifiers for controlling the analysis
  • Rarely needed qualifiers
  • Very rarely needed qualifiers
  • Tabulate

  • Linear Model

  • Predict

  • Variance Header Line and Variance structures

  • Post processing - .pin file

  • Formal examples

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