Tabulation is the process of forming simple tables from the data. Such tables are useful for looking at the structure of the data and numbers of observations associated with factor combinations.

Multiple tabulate statements are permitted either immediately before or after the linear model. If a linear (mixed) model is not supplied, ASReml will generate a simple model as it does not actually read the data until it has read a linear model line.

The tabulate statement has the form

tabulate responsevriables [ !WT weight !COUNT !DECIMALS [ d ] !SD !RANGE !STATS !FILTER filter !SELECT value ] ~ factors
  • tabulate is the directive name and must begin in column 1,
  • responsevriables is a list of variates for which means are required,
  • !WT weight nominates a variable containing weights,
  • !COUNT requests counts as well as means to be reported,
  • !DECIMALS [ d ] (1lt= d lt= 7) requests means be reported with d decimal places. If omitted, ASReml reports 5 significant digits; if specified without an argument, 2 decimal places are reported,
  • !RANGE requests the minimum and maximum of each cell be reported,
  • !SD requests the standard deviation within each cell be reported,
  • !STATS is shorthand for !COUNT !SD !RANGE ,
  • !FILTER filter nominates a factor for selecting a portion of the data,
  • !SELECT value indicates that only records with value in the filter column are to be included,
  • ~ factors identifies the factors to be used for classifying the data. Only factors (not covariates) may be nominated and no more than six may be nominated.

    ASReml prints the multiway table of means omitting empty cells to a file with extension .tab .

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