Getting started


ASReml is essentially a batch program with some optional interactive features. The typical sequence of operations when using ASReml is
  • Prepare the data (typically using a spreadsheet or data base program)
  • Export that data as an ASCII file (for example export it as a .csv (comma separated values) file from Excel)
  • Prepare a job file with filename extension .as
  • Run the job file with ASReml
  • Review the various output files
  • revise the job and re run it, or
  • extract pertinant results for your report.

    So you need an ascii editor such as ConText or ASReml-W to prepare input files and review and print output files.

    Your first job requires at least the 4 line types, in order, that are shown in the example below. If your data file has column headings, you can generate a tempate .as file.


    first 40 characters of the first nonblank line in an ASReml command file are taken as a title for the job. Use this to identify the analysis for future reference. The title line may be preceeded by the optional job control line.


    This command file reads three data fields from the file zinc.dat. Source is a factor. The model fits a one-way analysis of variance of the response variable LeafZn
     Zinc concentration study   # Title line
      Source *                  # Field definition lines
     zinc.dat                   # Datafile line
      LeafZn ~ mu Source        # Model line
    Try running the job.

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