Command Line

Generating .as template from datafile headings

Normally, the name of a .as command file is specified on the command line.

If a .as file does not exist and a file with file extension .asd, .csv, .dat, .gsh, .txt or .xls is specified, ASReml assumes the data file has field labels in the first row and generates a .as file template.
  • First, it seeks to convert the .gsh (Genstat) or .xls (Excel) file to .csv format using the ASRemload.dll utility provided by VSN. In generating the .as template, ASReml takes the first line of the .csv (or other) file as providing column headings, and generates field definition lines from them.
  • If some labels
  • have ! appended, these are defined as factors, otherwise ASReml attempts to identify factors from the field contents.
  • The template needs further
  • editing before it is ready to run but does have the field names copied across.

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