Formal Examples


The following worked examples are intended to illustrate the capabilities of ASReml in the context of analysing real data sets. We also discuss the output produced by ASReml and indicate when problems may occur. Statistical concepts and issues are discussed as necessary but we stress that the analyses are illustrative, not prescriptive.

Unfortunately, the figures do not display well but are cleared if exported (right click) and viewed independently.

  • Split plot design - Oats
  • Unbalanced nested design - Rats
  • Variability in unbalanced data - Volts
  • Balanced repeated measures - Grass
  • Spatial analysis of a field experiment - Barley
  • Unreplicated early generation variety trial - Wheat
  • Multienvironment trials - Lupins
  • Paired Case-Control study - Rice worms
  • Balanced longitudinal data - Oranges
  • Multivariate animal genetics data - Sheep
  • Half-sib analysis - Animal model

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