Resuming iteration


!CONTINUE is used to restart/resume iterations from the point reached in a previous run. This qualifier was originally defined for the datafile line but can now alternately be set from the command line using the option letters C (continue) or F (final) options, or the top job control line using !CONTINUE or !FINAL.

After each iteration, ASReml writes the current values of the variance parameters to a file with extension .rsv (re-start values) with information to identify individual variance parameters. The !CONTINUE qualifier causes ASReml to scan the .rsv file for parameter values related to the current model replacing the values obtained from the .as file before iteration resumes. If the model has changed, ASReml will pick up the values it recognises as being for the same terms. Furthermore, ASReml will use estimates in the .rsv file for certain models to provide starting values for certain more general models, inserting reasonable defaults where necessary. The transitions recognised are
  • DIAG to FA1
  • DIAG to CORUH (uniform heterogeneous)
  • CORUH to FA1 or to XFA1
  • FA i to FA i+1
  • XFA i to XFA i+1
  • FA i to CORGH (full heterogeneous)
  • FA i to US (full heterogeneous)
  • CORGH (heterogeneous) to US When running a job with multple parts (see !DOPART with !RENAME and !ARGS ), the part number is built into the file name. If the required .rsv file does not exist, ASReml will use the .rsv file from the most recent part run.

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