Scatter plots of data


There are four qualifiers which together define a scatter plot of data. If several plots are required, the sets if these qualifiers be placed on separate lines. !X xvar !Y yvar !G groups !JOIN is used to plot the (transformed) data.
     xvar is the variable plotted on the X axis.
     yvar is the variable plotted on the Y axis.
     groups is a grouping variable, and
     !JOIN joins the points when the xvar value increases between consecutive records.

The grouping variable may be omitted for a simple scatter plot. Omit !Y yvar to produce a histogram of the xvar variable.

Note that the graphs are only produced in the graphics versions of ASReml.


    !X age !Y height !G sex
produduces a trellis plot of height versus age with separate panels for each level of the factor sex.

Response profiles

For multivariate repeated measures data, ASReml can plot the response profiles if the first response is nominated with the !Y qualifier and the following analysis is of the multivariate data. ASReml assumes the response variables are in contiguous fields and are equally spaced.


 Response profiles
  Treatment !A
  Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5
 rat.asd   !Y Y1 !G Treatment !JOIN
 Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 ~ Trait Treatment Trait.Treatment

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