The cgexport command is invoked either as:


The cgexport command saves the current best map of the heap to a file. If the chosen file already exist, the command will (after asking for authorizationj) append the current map to the end of the existing file. Two output formats are simultaneously created: a MapMaker format is used to output maps in the file whose fileName is given while an XML format file (designed to interact with existing BioMercator and MCQTL software, see is generated in a file with the fileName extended with .xml.



CarthaGene version 0.999, Copyright (c) 1997-2004 (INRA).

CarthaGene comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. CarthaGene is free software. You are welcome to redistribute it, under certain conditions. See the License file for information.

Type 'help' for help.

CG> dsload Data/
{1 f2 backcross 17 208 /homes/thomas/carthagene/test/Data/}
CG> sem

Map -1 : log10-likelihood =  -485.24
 Set : Marker List ...
   1 : MS4 MS5 MS13 MS6 MS11 MS17 MS16 MS8 MS7 MS2 MS3 MS9 MS15 MS12 MS20 MS1\
9 MS1

CG> cgexport StupidMap MyMap MyChromosome
export successful!


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Thomas Schiex 2009-10-27