Computes an intuitively nice marker ordering using 2-points LOD.


The nicemapl command is invoked as either one of :


The nicemapl command orders the current list of active markers using a simple Nearest Neighbor heuristics. Starting from each marker successively, it builds a map by always selecting the marker with the strongest LOD as the next marker. The best map according to multipoint maximum likelihood is inserted in the heap.

Warning: since 2-points estimations are typically unavailable for some pairs of markers when data-sets are merged, this command will return very poor maps on such merged data. This command should be used preferably to nicemapd when some data-sets have been merged with separate parameter estimation (using mergor).





CG> dsload Data/
{1 f2 backcross 20 208 /home/tschiex/Dev/carthagene/doc/user/exemple/Data/b...
CG> nicemapl

Map -1 : log10-likelihood =  -344.26
 Set : Marker List ...
   1 : MS14 MS13 MS11 MS10 MS5 MS6 MS1 MS2 MS3 MS4 MS7 MS8 MS9 MS12 MS15 MS16\
 MS17 MS18 MS19 MS20

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Thomas Schiex 2009-10-27