Graphic screen control

Graphics command line options (G, H, I, N, Q)

Most versions of ASReml are linked with the Winteracter graphics library to allow the display of various graphics including plots of the data, residuals vs fitted values, variogram of residuals from spatial analyses and plotting of predicted values. Line printer versions of some graphics are displayed in the .res file even when separate graphics files are not produced.

The I ( !INTERACTIVE) option permits the all (e.g. variogram, residual predict) graphics to be displayed. This is the default unless the L option is specified.

The N ( !NOGRAPHICS) option prevents any graphics from being displayed. This is the default when the L option is specified.

The Gg ( !GRAPHICS g) option sets the file type for hard copy versions of the graphics. Hard copy is formed for all the graphics that are displayed.

H[g] ( !HARDCOPY g) has been added to replace the G option when graphics are to be written to file but not displayed on the screen. The H may be followed by a format code e.g. H22 for .eps.

Q ( !QUIET) is used when running under the control of ASReml-W to suppress any POPUPs/PAUSEs from ASReml.

Graphics are produced in the PC, Linux and SUN 32bit versions of ASReml using the Winteracter graphics library. ASReml writes the graphics to file aspi.e where p indicates the part of the job, i indicates the contents of the figure (as given in the following table) and e indicates the file type, for example ps for postscript:
i filecontents
1Rmarginal means of residuals from spatial analysis of section 1
2Vvariogram of residuals from spatial analysis for section 2
1Sresiduals in field plan
AHhistogram of residuals
RvE residuals plotted against expected values
XYGfigure produced by !X, !Y and !G qualifiers
PaPredicted values plotted
The file type can be specified by following the G or H option by a number g, or specifying the appropriate qualifier on the top job control line, as follows:
     g qualifier description
2 !PS Postscript (default for Unix)
10 !WPM Windows Print Manager
11 !WMF WinMetaFile (default for Windows)
12 !HPGL 2 HP-GL2
22 !EPS EncapsulatedPostScript
Not all of these file types are available on all systems but 2, 12 and 22 should all be available.


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