NAGRP Computers and Services

Over the past several years, the NRSP-8 Bioinformatics Coordination Program has assembled hardware and software resources to help meet the needs of the animal genome community for free.

Currently, we have four computer servers; each is designed to meet specific needs of the community:

  1. A dual processor Linux server, in service since 2004.
    This server used to be dedicated to host NAGRP web sites, relational databases, user forum bulletin boards and mailing lists; Now it's undergoing an upgrade to tranform into a user development platform.
  2. An 8-node CentOS Linux cluster, in service since 2007.
    This server is dedicated to heavy-duty computing jobs, such as large scale batch blast, sequence assembly, etc.
  3. A quad core Xeon Microsoft 2008 Server, in service since 2008.
    This server is dedicated to Windows-only applications.
  4. A quad core Xeon RedHat Linux 5 Server, in service since 2009.
    This server is dedicated for hosting web sites, databases and a number of web interfaced bioinformatics tools, and community services.
  5. A dual 8 Core RedHat Linux 7 Server, in service since 2016.
    This server will be dedicated for developing/hosting web sites, databases and online database tools, data repository, and custom community services.
All these servers are physically located at Iowa State University and connected with high-speed optical fiber to internet and Internet II, so that they are readily accessible to the NRSP-8 members as well as the international research community, by http, ftp, ssh, Remote Desktop, etc.

Available services include but not limited to:

  • Virtual machine: site hosting services
  • web hosting
  • database hosting
  • ftp materials hosting
  • data repository
  • batch blasts
  • customized local blasts
We also have experience with
  • design and deployment of databases
  • design and setup of web sites
  • bioinformatic strategies managing laboratory data
  • structural genome data mining
Given that the vast array of research interests of NRSP-8 members, we welcome suggestion / discussions on how we can work together to better meet the needs of the NRSP-8 community.

NRSP-8 members are encouraged to send requests for utilization of the resources we have in place to:

   James Reecy
   Dept. of Animal Science
   Iowa State University           Tel: 515-294-9269
   2255 Kildee Hall                Fax: 515-294-2401
   Ames, IA 50011                  E-mail:

PS 1:
For a list of software and functions we have already deployed, and items planned for the near future on these computer servers, see this link.

PS 2:

User account access may be given to individual labs for developing / maintaining your database / web sites, or for running your computational jobs. The user account policies should be observed where applies.


Hu, Zhi-Liang and James M. Reecy (2008). Database Resources Development and Sharing: A Community Approach. Plant & Animal Genomes XVI Conference, January 12-16, 2008, Town & Country Convention Center, San Diego, CA.